You may paint the rock starting at 3pm the day before your reservation, so it will be ready for the morning carpool line of your reserved date. For example, if your child's birthday is April 15th, reserve April 15th. You may begin painting the rock on April 14th at 3pm in order for it to be ready for morning carpool on the reserved date. You can reserve the rock for consecutive days as well.  Payment, via PayPal, is required at the time you make the reservation.

  • Please do not park in the grass.
  • Please do not paint any trees or the surrounding ground.
  • A parent must be present when painting the rock.

Contact Sara Collins PTA at if you have any questions. if you have any questions. Signup Genius will send out an email to remind you as your "rock" time gets closer. The school spirit rock is a PTA fundraiser. Funds are used to help pay for school programs and needs. The PTA has the authority to remove/repaint any language or image that is deemed inappropriate.


  • You will need approximately a pint of paint to spread with a roller brush plus the paint used for your design. There is also a dual primer and paint spray paint that works well.
  • You will likely need two spray cans for the background. You can either use a stencil or free hand your design. It will likely take an hour to complete the project if you use a brush, about 20 minutes if you use spray paint. A bucket of water and rags are helpful to clean brushes and hands.

Have fun and be creative!!!

Remaining months to come

Remaining months to come

Scout's Rock!  And now There are 2!

Yep, we now have 2 rocks - the large painted rock in front of the school at the corner of Parkins Mill Road and Betty Spencer Drive and the other at the back carpool line for K5 - 1st graders.  Scout’s Rock and Scout's Jr. Rock is a great way to send a special message and show your school spirit or tell someone "Happy Birthday!".

Reservations are required. Dates are available on a first come, first served basis. No businesses, please. Cost is $10 for one day (3pm-3pm).

​sara collins pta