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we love our school

Event descriptions

Red Ribbon Week - October
✦ Alcohol and drug prevention awareness campaign
✦ Work with Sarah Payne, School Counselor, to determine theme for the week as well as items to give students
✦ Coordinate volunteers to distribute theme items

Veteran’s Day Luncheon - November
✦ Day to honor the Veterans in our children’s lives
✦ Coordinate volunteers to check-in, direct and serve drinks to Veterans

Grandparents/Special Friends Lunch - November
✦ Children invite their loved ones to join them for lunch
✦ Coordinate volunteers to check-in guests, decorate tables and serve drinks

Love Luncheon - February
✦ Special lunch to celebrate our teachers and staff
✦ Coordinate volunteers to provide crock pot soups, condiments and desserts
✦ Work with cafeteria staff for items needed

Dr. Seuss Day - March
✦ Fun day for the children to dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character and parade through Washington Center
✦ Coordinate prizes given for best costume and work with Washington Center to plan parade

Family Arts Night - March
✦ A night to showcase artwork made by the students
✦ Coordinate volunteers and artwork display

Parent Party - April
✦ A night for parents to gather with friends old and new
✦ Open up your home, plan the theme and food offerings

Field Days - April
✦ A full day of outdoor fun and games for the kids
✦ Coordinate volunteers for lunch shifts, food donations and work with cafeteria to plan food offerings

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon - April
✦ Celebration for our awesome volunteers
✦ Coordinate lunch menu and volunteers

Staff Appreciation Week - May
✦ Week long celebration for the teachers and staff
✦ Determine a theme for the week, plan small events each day and coordinate lunch at the end of the week